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Green Nova has the highest quality and performance, designed to meet a variety of applications while maintaining bottom-line savings for our customers. Green Nova are completely safe for the environment. It will not harm plants, animals, fish or humans and not a single ingredient has been genetically modified. Composed of natural, non-pathogenic strains of bacteria and enzymes, Green Nova contribute to a healthier, safer environment for all living creatures.

It is suitable to use as the evinronment below :

  • Decomposition Accelerant/Compost Aid

    • Green Nova rapidly increase the rate of decomposition and has shown to reduce municipal waste volume by between 20-30% in 30 days
    • Composting time is reduced from 6 months to as little as 30 days with less requirement for turning of compost and no odourous releases. Final compost is improved in its bio-availabilty and will carry natural resistance to soil borne and fungal diseases in plants
    • Improves leachate and water quality
  • Landfill

    Green Nova rapidly digests the compounds that cause organic odour. Effect is within minutes and has a 30 days effective period (new waste added will require localized application). Following recommended treatments, older capped sites many never require further treatment. Green Nova can be applied via spray systems and is much more effective than traditional approaches such as oils or masking agents.

    • Volume reduction of solid waste on municipal waste has been shown to be 20-30% in 30 days due to rapid decomposition
    • Leachate quality is improved with substantial reductions in COD, BOD, TDS, oil, grease and nutrient load
    • Sanitization. Green Nova is a very effective anti-microbial controlling most pathogenic bacteria (E.coil, Salmonelia, Staphylococcus, Cholera etc)
    • Reduces compounds that attract flies and many other vermin (ammonia & amines)
    • Dosages are low and easily applied using existing equipment. For example 1kg of Green Nova
  • Water Treatment

    • Leachates from land fills, compositing and related processing facilities have the potential to pollute groundwater and surface water bodies which causes dispersion of contaminants and a high biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD). Green Nova very effectively sanitizes leachates reducing BOD and COD and removes nutrient sources such as phosphorous, ammonia, nitrates, common pathogens and contaminants including herbicides and pesticides.
    • Results from reinjection are improved die to potent microbial population. ThinkGreen achieves this at low dosages and is far more effective than chemical products.
    • The ability to remove soluble oil and grease.
  • Garbage Bins and Garbage Collection Areas

    • Eliminates offensive odour in the bins and garbage areas
    • Effective within minutes of first application
    • Non-toxic, non-chemical and safe for humans
    • Removes harmful pathogens that spread and cause disease
    • Removes amine compounds that attract flies, cockroaches and other insects
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