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Green Nova is revolutionary combination of human friendly active microbials, beneficial enzymes. It is a natural 100% organic culture without harsh chemicals.

Green Nova rapidly digests organic waste productions, comprising of proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose, and denatures many chemicals at the molecules level reducing them to their basic elementary compounds.

Green Nova Reacts bio-chemically reacts with waste molecules, catalyzing their transformation into odourless non-toxic end products which are consumed in nature. Rapidly accelerating achievement of full decomposition.

  • Fast acting
  • Removes rather than mask odour
  • Cost effective
  • Operative at low dosage rates
  • Wide range of operative condition
  • Long residual effective period
  • Natural anti-microbial action - sanitizes as it work
  • 100% Organic
  • Non-toxic, non-chemical and non pathogenic
  • Harmless to human and the environment
Image Benefits
  • Rapid reduction in volume of waste
  • Elimination of odour issues
  • Treatment of leachate water
  • Anti-microbial - reducing pathogen including E.coli, Coliforms, Cholerae, Salmonelia, Stapioccocus
  • Increase biogas production
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide off-gasing
  • Grease trap clearing and sludge breakdown
  • Increase in system capacity, because additional waste can be processed more completely in less time
  • Air and water emission standrds will be improve, helping to meet environmental industry standards and community expectations
  • Harmless to human and the environment

Operative Conditions
Alkalinity pH 1 - 13 Wide range of operative conditions
Oxygen content 0.5 ppm+ Falculative Anaerobe / Aerobic
Salinity Up to 200 ppm Effective in Saline conditions
Temperature 0 - 80° C Wide temperature range
Chlorine Up to 3 ppm Operative in moderate Chlorine
Antibiotic Up to 30 ppm Withstand antibiotic environment
Copper Up to 5 ppm Withstand high copper content environment


Green Nova is warranted for a shelf life of 1 years from date of manufacture.

Store in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight. Once opened Green Nova must be kept in a dry and airtight container to prevent activation. Once in a solution Green Nova has an effective shelf life of 24-48 hours in the absence of a nutrient source. Effective life in solution can be extended up to 7 days if solution is stored at <5ºC.


Green Nova will not operate effectively in the presence of some chemical products such as disinfectants. Discontinue use of chemical products 3 days prior to using or phase in Green Nova, full effect will not occur until chemicals are removed.

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