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Think Green Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is a company who offer Microbial Enzyme Based Technology for waste treatment products which capable to solve your waste treatment problem safely and environmentally friendly.

Our product Green Nova can helps you to create a clean, healthy and safe environment. Green Nova are 100% organic reinforcing our commitment to protecting our environment.

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Waste management practice is critical to quality of life modern society. It is a health, safety, invironmental, social, political and economic issue of the highest priority. It is estimated that over 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste was generated globally in 2006 and this figure continues to rise. The increase in solid waste directly affectes the global warming phenomenon.

Key considerations for waste management professionals include management of the enviroment, in particular odour emissions, pollution of ground water and efficiency of land use. In addition, gaseous emissions from waste disposal contribute significantly to the release of greenhouse gases and global warming.

As many organizations are attempting to find efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly means of treating both organic and inorganic wastes, Think Green Solutions Sdn Bhd is proud to offer an ecologically friendly, waste management solutions using our Microbial Enyzme Base Technology.

From large scale municipal landfills to waste transfer and handling sites, Green Nova is designed to address odour control, leachate treatment, waste volume reduction, protection of the environment and more.

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